How to choose the ‘right’ renovation company – What the industry doesn’t want you to know

How to choose the ‘right’ renovation company - What the industry doesn’t want you to know 2

Once you’ve made the decision to renovate, all sorts of questions come to mind. Do you take on the task yourself or do you outsource it?

Like most people, you already have a million things in your life competing for your time. So unless you are already familiar with renovations, DIY will be adding more complexity to your already busy schedule and seems like a good opportunity to trust your renovation to a specialist.

And therein lies the next challenge. Now you’ve removed the hassle of having to take on a massive DIY job, how do you find a good company to trust your renovation with?

– Word of Mouth

There are a few ways to locate a good contractor; friends, family or colleagues may have a reliable recommendation. Word of mouth is a timeless and effective way of finding a trusted company. However, if you don’t have any contacts… 

– Online Search

Searching online is another good option. Once you’ve located a few companies one of the first things to go is to check if they have an online presence. Whilst it’s not the only factor in the decision making process, it does give you a fairly good indication of where the company is at.

When looking online, ask yourself these important questions: 

  • Do they have an up to date website?
  • Do they have customer reviews of completed work?
  • Does their website talk about their process?

– Importance of an online presence

If they have taken the time to build their online presence it means that they are likely more in touch with technology as well as current market trends. This can give you a bit of comfort that they have some know how & experience under their belt, so you won’t be paying premium rates for unproven newbies or one man bands.

If they have no online presence, does that make them any less legitimate?  A little bit of due diligence can go a long way to seeing if the company is at least solid enough to be stable.  

Having said all this though, there are still a few things to watch out for and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask the right questions.

– Important to ask…

Is it a reasonable sized business or a one man hobby?  I understand that most businesses start off as hobbies or very small businesses, but if they’re still operating under this guise there might lack the proper processes to get your renovation done in time as well as have the depth of experience to offer you all the options and knowledge you may require for your dream renovation.

– Do they have a physical showroom?

Whilst not a necessity, a showroom will give you an opportunity to touch and feel the fittings that may potentially make up your bathroom or kitchen renovation. When you are undertaking such  a large investment it is important to know how things will actually work and feel before committing to any decisions.  It’s also a great opportunity to ask questions from the experts, again alleviating some of your decision making stress and the potential for costly mistakes.  

– Product knowledge and variety

How well do they know their products?  Not all products are created equal, a specialist Bathroom renovator will know everything there is to know about all their products, which means they’ll be able to offer additional guidance and advice on practicality and functionality. A professional Bathroom renovation company can also assist with recommending complementary items that you may not have thought of; great for giving your Bathroom a well rounded look

The right Bathroom renovation company will also have access to a wide range of suppliers and fittings, not all renovation companies necessarily carry the same brands or products and they also may have differing warranty periods. A quality Bathroom Renovation in Perth doesn’t have to be difficult, and making the right choice can ensure you are getting value for your money as well as peace of mind from a long lasting warranty.

– What’s the timeline?

Do they offer a process breakdown of the project and expected completion time? A good business will make sure that they are organised, understand what needs to be done and then deliver on time, if they are really good they won’t have any issues with offering a timeline guarantee for your renovation.  Lastly, you should also a point of contact that you can call if you have any questions or concerns with your renovation.

– Money, money, money…

The subject of pricing. We’re all familiar with you get what you pay for, but as Australians we also love the idea of fair and reasonable. So where is that middle ground? You definitely don’t want the cheapest quote around, chances are if it’s cheapest there are going to be corners cut and you will end up paying for it in the long run. From there on a good renovation company will be able to explain their starting price and work with your budget. Generally a good Bathroom renovation starting price is $10k and from there it all depends on how luxurious you want to go. The sky is literally the limit.

But ultimately a good company will work with you to find a solution that is feasible and within your budget. They should also have some form of fixed budget guarantee in place, basically this means if any changes or complications do arise you are covered and there are no nasty price changes after you have already started the project.

– Lastly… ask questions!

These are some key factors to help your decision, but there might be other things that are important to you. It’s always best to make a list of notes of what you want to get from a renovation Company and then do your research and be sure to ask a lot of questions from each company you are considering going with.  

At the end of the day, you are hiring someone to undertake work in your home so it’s best to be as informed as possible when making such an investment.

Good Luck!

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