Small Bathroom Renovations Perth

Small Bathroom Renovations Perth 2

A How To Guide

Do you have a small bathroom in Perth that needs to undergo a bathroom renovation process? You are not alone! For many people, small bathrooms can feel cramped and useless, but there is so much potential ready for you to unlock!

This guide has been designed to help you with bathroom renovation ideas when capacity is limited, giving you tips, tricks and ideas that will turn your current bathroom nightmare into a dream bathroom situation! Read on to find out more.


The Problem with Small Bathrooms in Perth

If your property has a small bathroom, you may find yourself struggling to see it as anything more than a functional space. The issue with this is that for many of us, our dream bathroom is a place where we can go to relax, unwind and decompress after a tough day. Not having a room that can provide this support can lead you to feeling more stressed and frustrated.

Rather than letting your current bathroom layout get you down, taking some time to work with a renovation team and plan clever ideas to maximise, it will provide you with a complete bathroom overhaul that leaves you with a relaxing room that you love to use.

What’s interesting is that when you tell our team your reason for undertaking your bathroom renovation project, you’ll hear lots of stories about other clients that have been struggling with the same bathroom size issue!


What You Need to Consider – Complete Bathroom Overhauls

Sold on the idea of bathroom renovations Perth? You are not alone! However, before you get started, there are a number of things that you will need to consider before you jump into your renovation gear – take look at our list of considerations to get you started:


Know What You Want

It’s easy to get carried away with bathroom renovations, especially when there are so many new bathroom ideas to choose from. Before you start checking out completed projects online, start thinking about the things that you want so that you create a room that fits all your needs and then map out what you want your bathroom renovation to look like.


Know What You’ve Got

When it comes to bathroom renovations Perth, many people find themselves choosing designs and plans that don’t match their reality. Yes, it’s important to create something that will add functionality and value to your life, but it’s also important to recognise the limits of the space you have so that you don’t end up crowding the room or walls when trying to achieve a specific style. Take time to really understand your bathroom and you will be more likely to achieve a bathroom renovation that meets your needs.


Think About Design for Bathrooms

The great thing about interior design is that it is so varied and exciting no matter what area you are working on. Take some time to think about all the amazing designs that you can use as inspiration for your renovations, but remember to tweak and hone them to suit your specific needs. Remember, your happiness with the new bathroom is the most important thing!


Be Realistic with Your Plans

With all your bathroom renovation ideas gathered, you may find yourself going off on a tangent when planning your new bathroom or ensuite. However, this can end in disaster if you are not able to put it into a workable design for your specific bathroom renovation needs. Small bathrooms need accents rather than statements, so think about subtly incorporating all your ideas to produce a custom bathroom that meets your needs.


Factor In the Costs of Bathrooms

Perth bathroom renovations can be costly, especially if you are considering investing in a kitchen renovation or laundry renovations at the same time! The best way to proceed is to get a free estimate for the bathroom renovations and then use it to map out how much you can afford to spend. By doing your budget in advance, you are more likely to afford your bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations without going into the red!


Work with an Interior Design Consultant for Bathrooms

All bathroom renovators will tell you that if you have a small bathroom, the best way to make the most of your space is to work with a bathroom design company to get the perfect installation. Your design team will not only focus on customer satisfaction, but they have many tips and tricks that make renovating a much simpler and more successful process!


Space and Even More Space!

At Venaso our team recognise that many of our bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation and laundry renovation clients come to us with one thing in mind – making more space available for storage. The great thing is that there are many amazing storage solutions out there that will open up brand new possibilities that you’d never considered before.

From around the toilet and basin cabinets to handy wall and shower storage options, there really is something for every small bathroom out there. Just speak to our customer service team and let us help you find functionality in your bathroom without compromising on the style you want your renovation project to take!


Clever Perth Bathroom Design

Whether you are looking for total bathroom renovations or a way to breathe new life into your current space, taking the time to think about how to design your space will ensure that the most used rooms get the overhaul they need.

One of the most used design ideas is to combine your bath and shower, giving you the choice to soak when you want and shower and go when you need. However, there are alternative solutions that you may also want to consider.

Many small space renovators choose to remove the bathtub entirely, leaving plenty of space for a luxurious and modern walk-in shower room. This type of style is perfect for anyone that loves a good shower and is interested in making it a statement with large tiles and high-end fixtures.

You could also choose to swap out the toilet and sink for a toilet with an attached sink. These are a great way to free up floor space without removing the functional items that you need. If your bathroom is particularly small, opting to use a custom design business service like Venaso will help you get the style you want, using the best materials for the job. Take a look at some of our previous work here!


Choosing The Right Perth Bathroom Tiles

Small rooms are great when it comes to the bathroom renovation process, purely because every detail will be on display, ready for people to appreciate the effort you’ve gone to when creating a new bathroom.

One of the biggest decisions to make during your bathroom renovation in Perth is the type of tiles that you want to incorporate. Going too big can swamp bathrooms, leaving them feeling impersonal and ill-considered, but going too small can reinforce how cramped your bathroom is. At Venaso, Perth, our team are ready to show you an extensive range of tiles to choose from and, after an initial consultation, our team will be able to support your renovation with advice on the perfect tiles for you/.


Thinking About Amazing Materials in Perth and Beyond

When it comes to bathroom renovation, a great way to maximise a small room is to splash out on high quality materials that showcase your house and lifestyle in a way that will leave guests impressed. Yes, the total cost to renovate is going to be a big factor in how you proceed, but with a small room, you will find that you can afford slightly higher costs for quality solutions.

If you are working with a small budget and working on reducing every cost, this doesn’t mean that the completed project needs to be cheap. At Venaso, our team can help you to find the perfect quality while sticking to your budget and producing a modern finish that is sure to leave you happy with your renovations.

Another way to keep your project budget tight but negotiate the modern, quality features that you are looking for is to combine your renovations with other rooms in your house. For example, kitchen renovations and laundry renovations are often designed to match a client’s bathroom renovation. By choosing to complete them all at the same time, you will be able to stretch your project budget and secure the deals you need to enjoy a completed kitchen, bathroom and laundry!


Finding the Best Product Selection in Perth

Are you ready to proceed with a bathroom renovation? Maybe you want to think about laundry renovations and kitchen renovations too? Whatever your renovation needs are, choosing from the best product selection with the help of a great team will ensure that you achieve a project you are proud of!

At Venaso, our team have access to a huge number of suppliers to give you the largest range of options, including bathroom fixtures, laundry supplies, modern appliances and beautiful bathroom tiles. Some of our most trusted suppliers include:

  • Polytec
  • Aulic
  • Smartstone
  • AtlasPLAN
  • QStone
  • Thermogroup
  • Jamie J
  • Hansgrohe
  • And many more

All you need to do is let our team know that you want to work on a bathroom renovation, kitchen renovations or laundry upgrades and we will show you the options each supplier has for you to choose from, making it easier to renovate than ever before!


Getting Expert Advice in Perth

Getting help from a bathroom renovations business is a simple way to ensure that everything gets the attention it needs. From plumbing to fixtures and toilets to tile selections, your designer can help you create a bathroom that will fit your lifestyle needs and your functional goals. Plus, when you are ready to undertake further projects like laundry renovations and kitchen renovations, they will be able to ensure a seamless transition between spaces.

Are you ready to work with a team that has a great product selection and always puts clients’ needs and quality at the top of their list? Reach out to the Venaso team, Perth and arrange your free estimate today.