The top bathroom showrooms in Perth

The top bathroom showrooms in Perth 2

Learning from a visit to the best bathroom showrooms in Perth

When you need inspiration or a visual guide to what is possible with your home renovation, it pays to visit one of the top bathroom showrooms in Perth.

We now have two locations for your convenience, you can visit us in our Booragoon or newly opened showroom inside Subiaco Home Base.

This is where you can see the different options for style, looks, functionality and what can work with your bathroom space. It is always helpful to get a real-world look at the various products and features that you can use for your own home renovation or new build.

Just leaving your choices to something you have seen online or in a fancy brochure or catalogue can be a mistake. Often the sizing, practical use or combination of different products is vastly different when you apply them to your own bathroom conditions.

Sometimes it can be a costly error and one where you have to replace an item altogether. That can be a waste of valuable time and money, especially when you are working on a tight budget.

The benefits of visiting a showroom

When it comes to a new bathroom (whether it’s part of your new build or you are renovating your current bathroom), it can be a good idea to treat the project as if you are buying a new car.

Some of the common denominators are very much the same.

For example, you wouldn’t buy a new car just from a brochure or from a website because it looks good. You want to see it in person and know how it handles for comfort as well as style. Knowing the right questions to ask about how it performs is also important.

It is similar with the features of your bathroom.

Standing in a space that is close to your own size and using things like a basin, tapware and cabinetry gives you a hands-on feel for what is possible.

This is when you can check details such as;

  • Are the fixtures at the right height or adjustable?
  • What does the craftsmanship really look and feel like?
  • Does each bathroom feature work as well as you hope?
  • Are there any drawbacks that you didn’t foresee?
  • What are the options of choosing a combination of features?
  • Are there better choices that you are open to?

Having a basin or vanity that is not the right height or width can force you to rethink your ideas. Even something like a mirror that may be too wide or too small when you see it up close may mean you save yourself from a wrong sizing.

The most important thing of all is to ask as many questions as possible in order to make the best decision for your bathroom. This may bring out suggestions for different options that could be better suited to both your taste and the size of your bathroom.

Finding the right bathroom renovation team

It might seem like a good idea to leave all the decisions to yourselves when you are undertaking a bathroom renovation.

A key question to ask yourself is ‘Are you an expert on bathrooms?’. The honest answer will almost always be ‘No’. That’s why it pays to talk to a trusted team of professionals whose job it is to make your bathroom dream come to life.

They should be approachable, open and honest about the various possibilities for your home. There is no need to put up with someone who is pushy, condescending or adamant that only they know what you need for your bathroom.

A quality renovation team will take the time to listen to what you want first, then come up with suggestions and ideas of how you can realise that dream.

By visiting their bathroom showroom, you will be able to tell who you are going to deal with and the craftsmanship and quality of products they can deliver.

Of all the different bathroom showrooms in Perth, which is the top name to look for?

The ultimate bathroom is ready when you are

The special thing about visiting the showroom at Venaso Selections is that you get the very best in customer care and you can see the fabulous array of bathroom designs and products first hand.

When it comes to true quality, there is no better place to go.

You get the benefits of a wealth of experience and expertise. There is none of that pushy sales stuff, confusing industry jargon or hidden catches and costs.

Everything you see and hear is straight from a dedicated team who wants you to have the best possible result for your bathroom. They can help you have a beautifully designed and quality-made bathroom you will love for years to come.

The only question you will have is to ask yourself why you didn’t contact them sooner.

For the ultimate in quality bathroom and kitchen renovations, there’s only one name you need to know– Venaso Selections.

Get your free quote and a design session valued at $797 today.

Your beautiful new bathroom is ready when you are.