The top kitchen and bathroom showrooms are here for you

The top kitchen and bathroom showrooms are here for you 2

How to find Perth’s best kitchen and bathroom showrooms

Imagine finding the best kitchen and bathroom showrooms in Perth in the one place?

Sometimes it’s hard to think of what you want for your perfect kitchen or bathroom. A renovation of your home is a major project no matter what the size or scale.

Looking at what you want and what you need from your kitchen or bathroom is not just a matter of replacing what you already have. A new benchtop and tiles or an updated shower and mirror are not going to transform your place like you hoped.

To make a renovation work that will deliver on your sense of style, aesthetic, functionality and add value to your home takes time and patience.

It’s always best to think things over and understand that what you might picture in your head is not always going to look or work best for the space.

That’s why it pays to visit a showroom and see things up close and use the space and fittings as if it was all your own.

The best thing about kitchen and bathroom showrooms

Those of us who need to feel and see something in the flesh know how important it is to walk into a showroom and interact with the actual things themselves.

With a kitchen and bathroom showroom, you have that luxury of not just envisaging how things might look and feel, but you can touch and stand in the space.

One moment, you can be in your own kitchen or bathroom, looking at how it is and how it could be if so and so was replaced and the room was redesigned or reconfigured in a different way. Then you can picture fixtures and how they will look and work together.

In our minds, we are often questioning how something as simple as a basin or set of taps will look and feel. The beauty of a visit to a bathroom is that you can use that set of taps, take a close look at your dream basin and how it could work with the tiling, mirror or as part of your dream bathroom.

It’s the same with a kitchen showroom.

That physical use and interaction with all the elements that you want for your own home can be priceless in more ways than one.

Saving time and money

Many people may think that visiting kitchen and bathroom showrooms is a waste of time.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The benefits of such showroom visits include;

  • Seeing things with your own eyes allows you to compare them (e.g. colour, texture, etc.)
  • Using features and knowing how they will work (soft close drawers, lazy Susan, etc.)
  • Walking through the space and finding out how comfortable it is
  • Sizing things up beyond the measurements (overhanging benchtops, shower doors, etc.)
  • Putting function into the equation against just style or look
  • Working out what will be Must Haves against Like to Haves

You can save a lot of money and time by seeing things first hand and not making the mistake of choosing what you ‘thought was good’ rather than what actually works for your kitchen or bathroom.

Mistakes can be more than costly in a dollar sense. Having to rework the room or replace certain items can throw a renovation behind schedule and blow a budget in next to no time. Remember that your builder will have a set time to do certain work and every minute counts.

Visiting a kitchen or bathroom showroom could be one of the best things you do for your renovation. The other is to see a trusted team. That’s where the name Venaso Selections is the one to remember.

Make your dream kitchen and bathroom come to life

Of all the places to visit for ideas and inspiration, you can’t beat the best in the business. That’s the showrooms at Venaso Selections.

The experienced and professional team can take you through everything you want to know and offer ideas of how to make more of your space for who is living there, not just today, but for the years to come.

You’ll see why Perth homeowners are flocking to the experts for a look at what a fabulous new kitchen or bathroom can be.

Don’t waste your time anywhere else. The only name you need to know is Venaso Selections.

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