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Gallery 1

Atwell - Bathroom and Laundry Renovation

Style: Modern

Date: 25/09/23

Grey tiles, wood-look vanity and a touch of chrome. Nothing can go wrong with this combination. Simply modern and timeless…

Gallery 2

Marmion - Kitchen Renovation

Style: Modern

Date: 25/09/23

Sometimes doing too much is just too much. Simplicity could be your solution. Keeping it minimal means …

Gallery 3

Victoria Park - Bathroom Renovation

Style: Classic

Date: 25/09/23

The bigger the size of the room, the more difficult it is to plan its layout. This elegant bathroom is designed in compartments…

Gallery 4

East Fremantle - Kitchen Renovation

Style: Modern

Date: 25/09/23

Most home owners would think a bigger space is the best solution. However, a tiny and compact space always has a…

Gallery 5

Applecross - Kitchen Renovation

Style: Contemporary

Date: 25/09/23

In the style of contemporary design, we envisioned a spacious open-concept kitchen thoughtfully adorned with a seamless scullery…

Gallery 6

Kewdale - Bathroom Renovation

Style: Victorian

Date: 25/09/23

Sometimes there isn’t much to be done to give your space a new breath. All it takes was a new vanity, some fixtures and tiles…

Gallery 7

East Fremantle - Kitchen, Bathroom, WC

Style: Retro

Date: 25/09/23

A contemporary style interior “retrofitted” to a Victorian style house. Its almost parasitic. The ambience is like the house…