Kitchen Showrooms Perth, Western Australia

If you are considering kitchen renovations and want to see a kitchen showroom in Perth, Western Australia, Venaso is here to help! We have two Perth-based kitchen showrooms that you can visit and our team are well known for helping clients to create their dream kitchen renovations!


Take a moment to read about our kitchen designers and how the whole process works before arranging a visit to our showroom locations.


Kitchens Are the Most Important Rooms in Homes


Kitchen renovations in Western Australia are an upheaval that many of us worry about, especially because it puts your food preparation area out of action and adds pressure to your renovation budget. However, taking the time to complete the renovation process means that you can achieve your dream kitchen renovations and enjoy the perfect space for entertaining, eating and doing laundry!


Most Perth professional kitchen designers will tell you that the kitchen is the heart of any home, so making it accessible, attractive and easy to use is going to be important. That’s why we offer the service of our qualified interior designer team to help you enjoy a renovation process that is as stress-free as possible from the start to the final outcome.


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    Western Australia Kitchen Renovations That Look Amazing


    If you are looking to invest in a kitchen renovation Perth, it is important that you have access to the best and most affordable kitchen materials on the market. However, before you decide on the things you want to buy for your new kitchen, it’s important to see them in person in Perth to check that the materials are of the quality you are looking for.


    Our Perth kitchen showroom aims to do just that – offering you an opportunity to check out products such as splash backs, cabinets, flooring, bench tops, appliances and even custom-made solutions all in Western Australia!


    You can wander around, get inspiration and ideas that you can use in the design process and find time to talk to the best kitchen designers who will work to make the finished product look amazing. What’s more – we also have bathroom and laundry renovation products on display, helping you to organise the whole project in our one-stop shop in Perth.


    Combining Your Kitchen Design Ideas with Our Experienced Designers, Perth – The Process


    Whether you want custom-made kitchen renovations or an off-the-shelf solution, clients in Perth, Western Australia will always be supported to achieve their kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations and laundry renovations with the professional Venaso team. Take a moment to find out more about our kitchen designers and their kitchen renovation process so that you know what to expect when you come to our showroom:


    Visit Our Kitchen Showroom, Perth


    The first step to getting the kitchen renovation you want is to arrange a visit to one of our Perth kitchen showrooms. When you arrive you will be greeted by one of our kitchen designers or another member of our team who will help you browse around the showroom to get design ideas or answer any kitchen renovation questions you may have.


    You will never be rushed or pushed into making decisions about your new kitchen, as our team take a professional approach to your needs, including understanding your budget requirements.


    Many customers come with specific queries for kitchen design in mind, but please do not worry if you are in the early planning stages and just want to look at all the trades, suppliers and options that are available to you in Perth, Western Australia.


    Talk to Our Kitchen Designers, Perth


    Once you are ready, you can then sit down with a kitchen designer to talk about your Perth project and what you want to achieve. As one of Western Australia’s leading kitchen renovations team, you can be certain that this design consultation will result in a beautiful kitchen plan that you can use for your renovations.


    If your property is located in Perth, Western Australia, we will be able to advise you on the process you will need to follow to get the final outcome you want for your space as well as working to put a plan into action from design to the final product. We can also use this appointment to provide you with professional advice and support for laundry area renovation and bathroom upgrades in Perth too.


    Choose the Right Accessories, cabinets and more in Perth, Western Australia


    Once our kitchen designers have completed your new kitchen design, you will need to start thinking about the specific products you want to include when you have your kitchen renovated in Perth. Not sure what to choose? Our kitchen designers will work with you to go through all the options, including items such as:


    Kitchen flooring


    Kitchen cabinets


    Kitchen food preparation areas


    Laundry accessories


    Kitchen appliances for cooking & cleaning


    And more!


    We work with a range of different suppliers, including ones that are based in Perth and Western Australia, giving you scope to work with our kitchen designers to create something you’ll be extremely happy with while supporting the area you live in.


    Think About the Final Outcome


    Once you have confirmed all your selections with your kitchen designer, it is time to review your kitchen, bathroom or laundry space to ensure it offers the style you want for the budget you have available. We know that when it comes to designing a new kitchen room, the practical components will be as important as achieving your dream new kitchen.


    When you are ready, you can let out kitchen designers know that you want to proceed and they will get to work on arranging everything from purchase to installation. All you need to do is get excited about what your house will look like when all the renovating has been completed and get ready to share it with your family and friends in Perth and beyond.


    What To Expect From Our Perth Display Kitchens


    When you come to visit our showroom in Perth, Western Australia, you can look forward to meeting the professional Venaso team and gaining lots of kitchen inspiration from our display units.


    You’ll find a number of different products to look at and ideas on how to create the style you are looking for. Some of the things you will be able to see and interact with include cabinets, kitchen counters, kitchen appliances, tap wear and lots more.


    Each kitchen display will show you different ways to achieve a stunning and practical solution and you may find that you want to combine the cabinets from one display with the kitchen counter from another, and our kitchen designers will be on hand to advise you on how to choose and install the options that work best for you.


    Picking Out the Right Kitchen Cabinets in Perth


    One of the biggest decisions you will need to make with our Perth kitchen designers is the style of kitchen cabinets that you want to install. Most of our clients come to us with some key ideas about the style they want to achieve, with some of the most popular options including:


    Shaker Style










    Once you have an idea of the style you want, tell our kitchen designers who can suggest the best cabinets to choose from and provide you with more inspiration if you are struggling to make a final decision on your dream kitchen.


    Think About Storage Space


    Another important discussion to have with your kitchen designer is how much practical space you will need to store your kitchen items. Many designers often forget that storage is one of the most important parts of a kitchen room, but at Venaso, we cover all bases with our professional approach so that your new kitchen works hard for you.


    Don’t Ignore Your Perth Flooring Needs


    It’s easy to get caught up in things like food preparation areas, appliance selection and cabinets, but you also need to think about the finishing touches too in your kitchen design, including your kitchen flooring. From slabs to lino and wooden solutions, there is flooring to suit every house, room and budget, just speak to our kitchen designers to get advice on the best flooring for your house and make your dream of a stunning kitchen come true.


    Pick Out the Best Appliances


    The one area that most of our Western Australia kitchen designers are asked about is how to select the right appliances for installation in your new kitchen. The answer is dependent on the type of kitchen you are creating, the materials that you are using and whether you need capacity for a family or just for you. You will also need to think about installation and whether you want gas or electricity as your main fuel source. Not sure? Our professional designers have the knowledge you need.


    Our Kitchen Renovations Suppliers Perth


    Before you start your renovation project with Venaso in Western Australia, it makes sense to find out more about the suppliers we use to offer the best renovations Perth has to offer! Our range of suppliers includes:

    Kitchen Showrooms Perth 5


    Kitchen Showrooms Perth 6


    Kitchen Showrooms Perth 7

    Abey Australia

    Kitchen Showrooms Perth 8


    Kitchen Showrooms Perth 9

    Wilson & Brady

    Kitchen Showrooms Perth 10

    Winning Appliances

    Kitchen Showrooms Perth 11


    Kitchen Showrooms Perth 12

    Wilson Art

    Kitchen Showrooms Perth 13


    Kitchen Showrooms Perth 14


    Kitchen Showrooms Perth 15


    Kitchen Showrooms Perth 16


    And many more!


    From companies based in Western Australia to family-run and budget options, there are plenty of suppliers to choose from, ensuring that the kitchen, laundry or bathroom you want is achievable. Just get in touch with our professional team to find out more about design, purchase and installation.


    Consider Other Renovation Needs


    Once our kitchen designers have helped you to complete your kitchen renovation, you may want to think about other renovations Perth-based Venaso can offer. We cover a large part of Western Australia and offer kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovating service solutions too.


    Many of our kitchen clients come to us thinking their budget will only cover the cost to renovate their kitchen space, but find out that our kitchen designers can also help to design affordable bathroom and laundry solutions too – just ask us about it when you come in to see us.


    Renovate With Venaso and Achieve a Beautiful New Kitchen


    Getting a new kitchen should be an exciting time that results in a dream kitchen that you want to show off, and that’s what you will get when you choose Venaso as your kitchen renovation partner. We take pride in being the best kitchen designers and renovation experts in Western Australia and promise our customers that nothing is ever too much trouble.


    If you are keen to get started and want to arrange a design consultation with our professional team then reach out today and make your new Perth kitchen a reality.

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