Top Tips for Living at Home While Your Bathroom is Being Renovated

Top Tips for Living at Home While Your Bathroom is Being Renovated 2

If you are preparing for bathroom renovations Perth, knowing how to live while they are being done is an important part of your planning. To help, we’ve shared some really helpful tips that will ensure your bathroom renovations go as smoothly as possible – read on now to find out more.


Get One Bathroom Renovation in Perth at a Time That’s Right

It’s easy to believe that getting the renovation you want starts with finding the right company, but this is only one small part of the puzzle. The most important starting point is deciding the right time to complete your renovation goals. This means thinking about your needs, what you have coming up and how you will handle to process of renovation.

For many people, a renovation project is exciting, but the functional considerations need to be properly considered too. So, think about the whos, wheres, whys and hows and make sure you have consulted your diary before you book that renovation date. Doing this will mean that your new ensuite, toilet or bathroom renovations perth will happen at a time that is right for everyone involved.


Carefully Clear Your Space Before Starting Bathroom Renovations Perth

When you’ve decided on the right time and picked out your chosen bathroom from the showroom, you may think that all that needs to happen is the renovation date to come around. However, to make the project go as smoothly as possible, you will also need to think about clearing the space ready for the builder to arrive.

This means taking all your belongings from the rooms that are being renovated, removing anything that is movable and ensuring that the rooms are fully accessible for the plumbing and fitting specialists that will be working on your property.


Dedicate a Washing Space During Perth Bathroom Renovations

Working through your renovation dream ideas can often leave you focused on the outcome rather than the lifestyle you’ll have to lead when the renovations take place. However, there is no doubt that with a custom bathroom renovation comes a lot of upheaval that you will have to manage before it is completed.

With this in mind, it is wise to think about dedicating a specific area of your home for washing. If you have another bathroom or toilet that won’t be part of the renovations then this is a great way forward, but if you don’t you may need to be more creative. Think about setting up a space in your kitchen or dedicate an area in your bedroom that you can use to wash while the work is going on.


Hit the Gym for a Welcoming Bathroom Space

However you are working towards your bathroom renovation, it may be a reality that getting a shower is an impossible task until the new bathroom is completed. Rather than accepting your fate as one of the great unwashed, why not lean on that gym membership you took out a while ago?

Enjoying a workout will help you burn off the stress of the renovations, but it will also give you a location in which you can take a shower and get clean. Most gym locations have great shower facilities and the best part is that it will get you away from the stress of the renovations that are taking place at home.


Think About a Holiday During Your Bathroom Makeover

You can take the idea of getting away from the stress of the renovation by heading off on holiday instead! This is a particularly good idea when you are getting laundry renovations and kitchen renovations at the same time too; allowing you a stress-free solution that you can enjoy before returning to a brand new bathroom layout that you love.

To be able to do this, you will need to have chosen an experienced team of highly skilled experts who will be able to navigate any unexpected issues as they arise. You’ll also need to have a strong grip on the project and agree on a way to work closely with the expert team as and when issues arise. By laying this foundation, you are sure to be able to enjoy your holiday and get rid of the old bathroom with no worries.


Turn to Friends & Family During Perth Bathroom Renovations

One of the things that the Venaso team recommends during your modern bathroom makeover is that you lean on the people that love you to help you through the new bathroom project. This means that if a holiday is out of the question, then you may still be able to get away from the bathroom design as they unfold into a finished solution.

You can ask for a place to stay or simply somewhere to go and get washed during the renovations. The great thing about doing it this way is that your bathroom renovations, laundry renovations and other projects can be completed while you take time with the people you love the most in the world and who will probably be happy to feed you, care for you and provide all the hot water and fluffy towels you need!


Pick the Right Company for Bathroom Renovations Perth

Choosing renovation and house extensions Perth is a big part of making the best decision for your bathroom renovation and finding the Right bathroom renovators Perth has to offer is an important step. Ultimately, your dream bathroom is possible, but getting it fitted in the most harmonious and tidy way is the best tip for surviving the renovations! To do this, you’ll need to be thinking about what you are told from the initial consultation to the showroom visit.

Picking a friendly team will allow you to ask important questions about renovating but will also help you to choose a bathroom that fits your budget and ensures that you will have a space you can use in the timeframe you are given. It will also allow you to ask questions about how they will ensure you can enjoy a quality lifestyle as they work to renovate your old, boring bathrooms!


Think About the Costs Involved in Bathroom Designs

Even if you have a small bathroom, sticking to a tight budget will make it easier to cope when the bathroom is being renovated. In reality, the Venaso team notice that many people forget the hidden costs that come up when you renovate, including things such as eating out, going on holiday and additional travel to use a functional bathroom.

It’s easy to get caught up in the extensive range of tiles, fixtures and fittings that you want to include in your new room project but keeping a healthy focus on your budget will allow you to keep the cost affordable and create bathrooms that suit your needs without the budget headache.


Avoid Working with a Kitchen Renovation Team at the Same Time

Anyone with genuine industry experience will tell you that appointing two renovation teams at the same time will only ever lead to disaster! This means that if you were planning on going on holiday while each team from a different company gets to work on your home, you’re probably better off rethinking your plans. This is simply because the more people in your home, the greater chance of confusion and a poor quality result.

However, if you are keen to get your kitchen renovation done at the same time or want laundry renovations too, it’s worth speaking to the bathroom team to see if they can offer it all. Doing it this way will allow them to create a result that is clean, modern and of high quality but will also ensure that there are no mix ups or problems with the end result.


Keep Calm and Carry on with Bathroom Renovations Perth

The last, and best, tip we can offer you is to find a way to stay calm during the process. Whether a tile gets broken, your storage solution is not suitable or you can’t find a bathtub or shower that suits your style, staying calm will help you get an end result that works for you.

It’s also important to work closely with your renovation team who will be on hand to help you every step of the way, ensuring that the custom remodel you choose looks fantastic when it is complete. From toilets to walls and fixtures to tiles, there is a functional and beautiful solution that will provide you with the end result you’ve been dreaming of.


Get Your Dream Bathroom Renovation from Venaso in Perth

When it comes to getting your bathroom or bathrooms renovated, the Venaso team is the right choice for many reasons including:

  • A clear focus on cost and ensuring we stick to a budget
  • Extensive range of bathrooms to choose from
  • Experienced team who create bathrooms to suit your needs
  • A portfolio of previous projects that show our worth
  • Kitchen & laundry options that work for you
  • Two showroom locations for you to visit
  • Unparalleled service that will leave you impressed

Whether you want bathroom renovations, laundry renovations or kitchen renovations Perth, the Venaso renovation team is here to help. We provide everything you need from a free estimate to design and installation, making sure that the completed look fits your dream project.

Head to our bathroom showrooms Perth and kitchen showrooms Perth to start your remodel project. Get your free estimate from the Venaso team today!